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PARTNERSHIP! Kusum Institute Yoga & Presence of Mind Wellness

I am thrilled to announce I was invited to bring Kusum Institute Yoga to Presence of Mind Wellness Center beginning June 15. We will now be located in the beautiful Saco Mills, next door to the train station. 

We have been offering real yoga for real people in Saco since 2003... the point is to help you find more ease in your body & mind and to show you how to bring that ease into the rest of your life in a very palpable way starting right from where you are now...all levels, all bodies. There's a class for EVERYONE!

If you are experienced, we can provide you with ongoing growth opportunities to move deeper into what the whole range of yoga and meditation practices can do for your entire life. Check out our workshops and trainings as well as our weekly classes.

If you have questions about where to start, I'm happy to help. I can match you with the best class for you. Getting people going with yoga and meditation is one of our specialties!

For general questions about yoga and meditation at Presence of Mind, call our center at  (207) 494-2412.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions about our specific yoga or help knowing where to start at (207) 590-9800 or

We will be interviewing for more experienced teaching staff soon. Contact me if you're interested!



Yoga Program Director, Presence of Mind Wellness Center

Founder, Kusum Institute Yoga for Life

I am so excited for this new partnership with MJ Allen, Presence of Mind Wellness Center founder and owner! A dream come true actually to enfold the studio spaces I have been holding for so many years into a collaborative, collegeial center. Deep gratitude, MJ!

Freed up from holding the physical structure of a space, 

I am poised to do what makes my heart sing... 

  • sharing these life changing, door opening tools with people seeking the same sense of inner connection and freedom I always have... Eastern philosophies and practices combined with the lens of my Western career as a research scientist and engineer
  • training teachers and healthcare professionals in the deep and effective ways I have developed to share these tools with others
  • communicating all the many things that light me up through written word and video to widen our reach
  • enlivening beautiful communal spaces with vibrant inspired gatherings and events... 
  • fostering shift one person at a time to bring the personal clarity that will translate into greater societal clarity and equality



Our Yoga, Meditation and Events Program

 Planting the seeds. This is where we'll start...


We will begin Saturday, June 15th with our current Kusum Institute class schedule, no interruption, all current passes will carry over. 

AND over the upcoming months we will be growing our weekly class schedule by carefully curating an expert staff of skilled yoga and meditation professionals.  


If you have some experience and are interested in joining us, let's talk. If you have teaching certificate but don't yet feel the confidence to teach, let's talk about my mentoring programs. I've gotten many teachers confidently going, I can get you there too. Fun!


I will also continue offering my Kusum Life Immersions, Yoga Teacher Trainings, workshops and continuing education for yoga, healthcare and mental health professionals at Presence of Mind Wellness Center. 


I will also be inviting many of the very cool souls and fellow travelers I have met on this path in to share this gorgeous center with what they do. Keep and eye on our calendar!

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