In March 2019, Presence of Mind Wellness Center opened in Saco, Maine as a natural expansion of  MJ Allen's Presence of Mind Meditation Center in Portland, Maine. Along with a continued focus on meditation, the center began offering massage and healing arts in their beautifully renovated space in the Saco Mills.

In June 2019, MJ collaborated with Penny Kusum Clum to seed Presence of Mind's Yoga Program with Kusum Institute Yoga's offerings. Kusum Institute had been offering yoga in Saco since 2003.

Presence of Mind's weekly yoga schedule features several of the original Kusum Institute teachers along with new faces and several new class options.

Join us... there is a class for everyone!

Should you have questions about what class would be best for you, contact us at 207-494-2412.  We are happy to assist in determining the best fit to help you achieve your goals!

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