About Our History

In March 2019, Presence of Mind Wellness Center opened in Saco, Maine as a natural expansion of MJ Allen's Presence of Mind Meditation Center in Portland. Along with continued focus on meditation, the Center began offering massage and healing arts in their beautifully renovated space in Saco Mills.

In June 2019, MJ collaborated with Penny Kusum Clum to seed Presence of Mind's yoga program with Kusum Institute's yoga offerings. Kusum Institute had been offering yoga in Saco since 2003. Our yoga program featured several of the original Kusum Institute teachers and introduced new instructors and additional class options.

In late 2019, we added programs that support a holistic approach to overcoming dis-ease and addiction. We believe, at the core, all addictions--regardless of the substance--are fueled by emotional wounds. We believe healing occurs with the power of community, connection, and love.

In September 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we closed the doors on the studio in Saco and relocated to MJ's home in Arundel. Now, a space that had gone unused and underappreciated for a few years is teaming with life energy again.

This move also allowed MJ to reevaluate the mission of Presence of Mind Wellness Center. What she discovered is that by merging with Kusum Institute, her focused drifted from wellness-centered to yoga-centered. Filling yoga classes became a higher priority than addressing the wellness needs of individuals.

What she realized is that yoga plays an integral part in the wellness needs of her clients, and it is not the only part. Now she and her team work with individuals to access their own wellness needs and goals. Working together, the staff at PofMind meet clients where they are and help them become the better versions of themselves (as defined by the client). MJ's and her staff will support, encourage, and perhaps push you (just a bit) beyond your comfort zone with the goal of helping you expand your comfort zone.

Our one-on-one and (your) small group offerings are designed to help you experience your wellness YOUR way.